Often, I find myself wondering how I ended up in a design school, and then I remember that I received a sewing machine for my seventh birthday. I have a deep attraction to textiles, which frequently serve as my muse, inspiring me to reimagine mediums. I revel in composing with colors and playfulness, finding inspiration in the human body, its sensuality, and its interactions. All while emphasizing themes of femininity and feminism. The research and process are fundamental in my practice, I take pleasure in pushing boundaries of materials by embracing errors as sources of unexpected creativity. 

I was born and raised in France, where I began my studies at Duperré in Paris, for a two years preparatory classe in art and design. Since 2021, I've been pursuing my studies at the Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands.
In addition to my academic pursuits, I have a background in decorative painting, a craft passed down through generations in my family. This experience instilled in me values of diligence and a critical perspective. I also completed an internship in 2020 at Atelier Caraco Canezou, a haute couture and costume atelier in Paris. 

contact by email: lilaspatard@yahoo.fr
intagram: @lilasptrd